Pos Category Description


Dealership Management


We have management roles ranging from Head of Business to General Sales Manager to Aftersales Manager.

Every one of our managers is vital in ensuring that each of our dealerships continue to run smoothly.

We are very proud that the Managers within our dealerships are team members who possess a vast amount of experience and expertise within our industry.

The majority of these talented individuals have been promoted from within our businesses, so they often have had experience of many other roles within the Dealership environment. One of our Heads of Business has shared with us his thoughts on what it means to be a Manager at Sytner.

"Working as a Head of Business is about having the ability to multi-task, jumping in and out of different roles to support the different areas of the business you are working within.

You need to be able to spend time managing the overall performance and results on a daily basis to ensure we achieve our goals, but more importantly, be able to spend time with the team to ensure everyone feels cared for and appreciated and ensuring that the wellbeing of the entire team is looked after.

You also have to be motivational towards your departmental teams, to encourage them to keep up a high standard and ensuring that the dealership is looking sharp and tidy at all times and keeping a close track of stock and workloads.

You also have to influence the teams to work together and encourage new ideas and suggestions. Sometimes, there is never enough time in the day to juggle all the plates, but no day is ever the same and the best thing about the role is tackling the new challenges!

Rewards come through seeing internal promotions from succession planning and achieving results for both our Shareholders and Manufacturing partners."

Head of Business – Harrogate Audi