Interviewing In Schools with Leicestershire Care

15 March 2024

At Sytner Group we recognise the importance of Future Talent both in our business and in our local areas and wider community.


As part of our ethos around Developing Talent and Building Careers we encourage all of our sites to get involved whether this be engaging with schools and colleges, arranging work experience programmes or attending careers events.


As part of this commitment, we continue our support for Leicestershire Cares and are involved in their programme for interviewing in schools.


This initiative involves our colleagues attending schools and conducting mock interviews with the students to support them by providing them with an opportunity to develop their confidence and the key skills needed to succeed at future interviews.


As the mock interviews are carried out in a school environment, it also gives students opportunity to ask questions, have a discussion with our volunteers and find out tips from our colleagues that can cultivate their own self-assurance in a one on one interview setting.


Students are also given verbal and written feedback to enable them to reflect at a later date and remember the tools they have obtained. We believe this can have a huge impact on students by teaching them real world skills that they can take forward into their chosen career


We have colleagues from various different areas of our business get involved and so can each individually impart their own knowledge, skills and tips on the students.


We are proud to continue our support of Leicestershire Cares and this is a fantastic project that aligns with our core ethos of Developing Talent and Building Careers and the impact Future Talent can have within our business.