National Apprenticeships Week - Apprentice Q&A Emily Weaver

07 February 2024

As part of National Apprentice Week, we spoke to our apprentices to give you some insight into their apprenticeship journey within Sytner Group

At Sytner Group one of our core values is ‘Developing talent and building careers’. It’s for this reason that National Apprenticeship Week is so important to recognise

Next to give you her perspective is Emily who completed a Customer Service Apprentice with Sytner Group


What has your apprentice journey been like with Sytner?

My apprenticeship journey has been really unique and fulfilling. Beginning my apprenticeship at 26, slightly older than some, it was really enlightening and gave me great starting knowledge into a new industry and taught me lots of really essential skills that I could actually use!



What made you apply for an apprenticeship role with Sytner?

I was looking for a new challenge in a new industry having previously been in Estate Agency and knew of Sytner’s great reputation locally so I thought it would be a great new opportunity.



What advice would you give to someone looking to apply for an apprenticeship?

 Do it, there’s nothing to lose! You earn as you learn and it provides you with all of the key knowledge and skills that you need for that role. I’d also recommend you give it your all and learn as much as you can, the more you put into it, the more you’ll take away!



What was your favourite part of your apprenticeship?

 My favourite part of my apprenticeship was being in a group of people in the same position as I was. It gave us the opportunity to learn from each other, share our experiences and new knowledge we gained so that ultimately, we just really helped each other and built great relationships!



What is your favourite part about your current role?

One of my favourite elements of my current role is having the opportunity to go to different brands and sites across the country and connect with different people and build relationships. Also, being in a position where you can really help people along in achieving their goals.



What is your greatest achievement? 

So far, my greatest achievement is having the bravery to take a leap of faith into an opportunity that I felt like I wanted to take! Whether this be taking on the apprenticeship initially or moving from a role within a Dealership over to Head Office and continuing to challenge myself.



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